Bever Bygg as a supporting party


Architectural report

Are you planning to buy a home in Sweden and want to know what the structural state is?

Bever Bygg makes a technical report in which they will mention all the details such as the state of the foundation, the roof, the window frames, construction etc.

This report, a document made of a qualified and certified construction company, can help you in negotiations with the seller. 

Prices on request.




Private sector project management

You may let your home be built in Sweden by another firm but you can, how much you would like to, not be present. Of course would you like to know what the status is and whether your wishes are honored.

Bever Bygg can keep an "eye out". With the experience in supervising construction projects they offer you to coordinate. During the whole construction Bever Bygg will keep you informed of the progress achieved by the contractor. 

Bever Bygg will also ensure that the contractor adhere to the agreements and your plans and wishes. Also any bottlenecks are identified and discussed with you and the builder to reach a satisfactory solution.

Please feel free to contact, Bever Bygg will be happy to assist you. 
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Prices on request.

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 Bever Bygg for customized building advice


When you like to do the renovation or construction of your home by yourself but you have doubts regarding certain constructive or technical details, you can always ask Bever Bygg for advice.

They speak through your building plans with you and provide you with a written technical advice. Also during construction they will give you, if you request it,  construction-technical/constructive advice and answer your questions.

Please contact to discuss the possibilities. Bever Bygg offers you a tailor-made advice. 

Prices on request.


 Bever Bygg for construction drawings and permits


In addition to construction work Bever Bygg can help you with the preparatory work such as making drawings and applying for a building permit, for example, for new construction and renovations.

Bever Bygg works together with an experienced technical designer who can help with converting your sketch to real professional construction drawings. With these drawings you can apply for a building permit or Bever Bygg requests this for you.

Bever Bygg can fill in all forms for you which are needed and maintain the contact with the relevant "kommun" (municipality). 

Prices are depending on project and upon request.

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Stora Havsjön Kojåsen 1683 95 SunnemoSweden0046-7308674160046-702255132Email: Info@Beverbygg.Com