Bever Bygg AB is an all-round construction company


That means that they are familiar with all aspects of construction, from foundations to chimney. Hiring Bever Bygg has the advantage for you that you no longer have to look for several construction workers for the different parts of the project.

Bever Bygg has all the knowledge and people in house, from carpenters to electricians and plumbers.




You can also hire Bever Bygg for sanding (old) wooden floors, drilling of water/energy source as well as the construction of a septic tank. You only need one contact person for the entire project. That saves a lot of time and thus a lot of money.


This way work is efficient and gives a clear feeling.

 Bever Bygg delivers high quality building packages


Bever Bygg delivers high quality building packages that can be customized according to your wishes. When this is desired, they can build this for you too.

In addition to construction work Bever Bygg can also help you with preparatory work, for example, the creation of (construction) drawings and/or applying for a building permit.

 Bever Bygg builds every where inbeautiful Sweden


Under New Construction, Renovation, Project Management and Retail tab you can find more detailed information. Under Reference tab, you will find various projects that Bever Bygg has successfully completed.

Bever Bygg gladly talkes through your wishes and plans with you and then, with no obligations, makes a tailored quotation for you. Bever Bygg attaches great value to personal contact.



Under the Contact tab, you will find a contact form that you can send to Bever Bygg if you need more information or if you have a specific question.


You can also always send an email to


Stora Havsjön Kojåsen 1683 95 SunnemoSweden0046-7308674160046-702255132Email: Info@Beverbygg.Com